Pathology Management System 2.0

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Pathology Management System delivers the most efficient and fastest reporting and EMR software. An integrated secure web-based and cloud-based pathology software offer management of all pathology centre activities.

The pathology management software offers to add different test packages according to the pathology, and the customer can search and book the package according to their needs. We have developed a pathology laboratory management system, especially for laboratories to manage patient information, appointments, laboratory requests and laboratory results with reports. It offers cost reduction, greater efficiency, and increased profit with transparency and flexibility. Pathology management software that coordinates and integrates all pathology laboratory activities.

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Machine Interface

Machine Interface Software for Visual Data Display Despite control and management, the software product provides medical machine integration that enables your operational issues to run faster. This is a key feature of the Machine Interface Software with multitasking functions meeting high quality and standard requirements.

       Web/Patient Portal interface

       SMS integration

       Email integration

       Laboratory equipment interface 

What benefits of using path Lab software?

Always a pleasant experience using laboratory software where pathologists are in charge of taking care of overall internal management procedures. The benefits are incredible when installing the software, such as:

       Optimal use of resources

       Increase productivity

       A collection of paperless records

       User-friendly system

       Efficient and cost-effective

       Quick access to information

       Maintain centralized patient data

       Easy installation and quick return on investment

       Improve data safety and security

       Easy and customized data entry forms

       It helps run all lab functions smoothly

       Accessible to doctors and other authorized staff

       Integration of barcodes

A pathology management system can be used in pathology to book patient tests, patient details and test reports. This ideal software also provides efficiency in maintaining laboratory records. The concepts and development behind Pathology software to save time and increase pathology lab productivity and revenue.

Does path Lab software include the following features? 

Despite the digital capabilities, our software packages are also used by laboratories to perform monitoring functions such as alarms, data logging and management report printing. The most versatile functions of the centralized platform suit all laboratories thanks to its smooth operation. Easy to use after successfully installing the software here are the following features:

       Custom ERP for PathLabs

       Patient data management

       Meeting scheduler

       User-friendly system for administrative workflow

       Web reports and online MIS

       Supports DICOM, HL7 standards

       Collect discharge reports and summaries

       NABH/NABL standards

       Invoicing and invoicing

       Automatically generated SMS as a reminder notification

       Exact machine data

       Mobile application for patients

Main configuration

  •        Test

            Test Group

            Category of patients

            Trial fees

            Referral doctors

            Referral doctors


  •        Patient Registration

           Examine request

           Carry out a test

           Print Report

Inventory management

  •        Item in

           Item Out

           Item Configuration

           Item Disposal


  •        Final payments

           Payment of patient commission

           Payment in advance


  •         Manages test reports

            Manages payment reports

            Manages inventory reports

            Manages commission reports

Unique features

  •        Easy-to-use interface

            Web system


            Email gateway enabled

           Employee accounts


Account management

  •        Doctors Account

           Reference accounts

           Hospital account

Test records

  •        Collection per day

           Collection boy record

           Delivery report


  •        employees Attendance

           Meeting management

           Visiting doctors

Blood bank

  •        Blood bank record

           Disposal of blood record

           Blood group record

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