Hospital Management System

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Hospital management System allows you to control all organizational aspects of a hospital practice: be it OPD, IPD, appointments, pharmacy, laboratory, bed management, doctor, patient and staff portals, electronic medical billing, accounting, HR, and payroll.

As hospital management software providers at scale, they need to collect, store, and interpret patient data in a smart way to ensure high-quality patient care. What happens when all these practices become automotive? Yes. The perfect healthcare management system from Hexicaltech is the perfect digital partner for all healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. to quickly improve their workflow and enable patients to receive immediate care efficiently.

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 hospital management software in Bihar

Hexicaltech Hospital Management System is the most complete and multi-functional hospital or medical centre management system. It works with admin, patients, doctors, nurses, labs, pharmacists, receptionists, and accountants so that all paperwork and manual tedious work can be easily and efficiently automated.

Advanced hospital management software has been developed and designed for more convenient use in hospitals, health clinics, medical centres and medical institutes, etc. Hospital and clinical operational problems seem to be daunting due to many activities from financial and management aspects. It becomes more challenging to gain control over the entire management process for a seamless focus on the core aspects of hospitals and health centres. There are various departments like OPD, IPD, OT, Pathology, Pharmacy Inventory etc.

Our Hospital Management Software Function

Hundreds of automation functions

8 types of user accounts

The easiest booking system

Private communication with doctors

The simplest management of hospital accommodation

Medication monitoring

Registry of blood donors

Logs of diagnostics and messages

Management of payroll

User-friendly accounting

Irrespective of healthcare platforms like clinics, pharmacies or hospitals, digitization is now observed everywhere. Hexicaltech's product fits all these platforms precisely with dedicated dashboards and impressive pro-related features available on these platforms. With the use of the web interface, it is possible to monitor the activities of the medical team, a clear inventory and manage patient data.

 By incorporating a perfect Hospital management system, managing single or multi-bed hospitals, distributing vaccines to needy patients, rigorous hospital monitoring, and intelligent access to patient data, single-window e-prescription drug delivery is possible. Take advantage of your healthcare service with an advanced system from Hexicaltech Now!!! Be unique in healthcare!!!

Hospital management system in Bihar
Cloud-based hospital management system in Bihar

Outpatient (OPD) management

  • Manage patient visits and repeat visits

    Add a diagnosis

    Create recipes

    Manage accounts

    Treatment fees

Patient management software in Bihar
constitutional (IPD) management

  • Add new patient

    Add doctor's instructions



    Add treatment fees


Hospital software in Bihar

Front Office Management

  • Add and manage patient appointments

    Add visitors

    Purpose of visit

    Managing the phone call log

    Postal protocol and complaints

Healthcare IT solutions in Bihar

electronic recipes

  • Provide the perfect e-prescription

    fast and safe

    Convenient for patients

    Video consultation

    Offer/online consultation

    Order a video consultation

Healthcare IT solutions in Bihar


  • Manage to bill effectively

    Manage a healthcare business

    Collection of payments online

Healthcare IT solutions in Bihar

Radiological management

  • Management of patient tests with the report date

    Referring physicians and fees

    Generate test reports with test parameters

    Descriptions and name of referring physician

    Patient reports

Healthcare IT solutions in Bihar

Patient management

  • Possibility to request an appointment with a doctor

    Maintain records of patient prescriptions and medications

    Track patient payments

    See all diagnostics

    Management of operational reports

    Private communication between doctor and patient

Patient management software in Bihar

Manage the doctor

  • Searchable list of doctors with full profile

    Categorize doctors by department

    Hospital management

    Manage the blood bank

    Keep records of blood donations

    Allocation of beds and cabins

Patient management software in Bihar
paperwork Management 
  • Option to add a receptionist to take appointments

    Add pharmacists to take care of medications

    Add nurses to handle patient information

    Automatic generation of diagnostic reports

Patient management software in Bihar
Create your own website 
  • Ability to set emergency contacts, opening/closing time

    Manage the services you provide

    The ability for patients to request appointments from the website

    A simple but convenient blog

    Expose your hospital to the world

hospital management software system in Begusarai


  • Apache server for running PHP

    Access to the database, purchase code during installation

    PHP curl should be enabled

    legal for use on one domain 

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