Pathology Management System

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The Hexicaltech Pathology Management system brings to your business the most efficient pathology laboratory management system that integrates the various activities associated with the operation and management of a pathology centre. We release open ERP path lab software at your disposal and aim to improve patient information management, appointment management, laboratory invoice management and also inventory management.

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 pathology management system

Pathology Lab Management System delivers the most efficient and fastest reporting and EMR software. An integrated secure web-based pathology management system offers management of all pathology centre activities.

The path lab software offers to add different test packages according to the pathology, and the customer can search and book the package according to their needs. We have developed a pathology laboratory management system, especially for laboratories to manage patient information, appointments, laboratory requests and laboratory results with reports. It offers cost reduction, greater efficiency, and increased profit with transparency and flexibility. Pathology management software that coordinates and integrates all pathology laboratory activities.

Features of the Pathology Management System

The ERP software has a set of pre-configured laboratory tests that define the appropriate test options to be performed on the patient and the same with billing.

Hexicaltech provides you with a dozen pre-defined laboratory test units that dispense the appropriate units as required.

Managing lab test details along with patient details is useful and doable with ERP management software. New details can always be added to the system on the fly.

Status updates on appointment scheduling, appointment availability, and lab test request generation are linked to the appointment, generating invoices as requested. The system is also configured to facilitate message management for both requirements and results.

When it comes to the collection and management of laboratory test records, effective system deployment is required. Reliable and effective reports are available to patients and clinicians alike.

Invoicing scheduling is based on lab appointments, making invoicing an efficient option while generating reports for it quickly.

Hexicaltech Lab Management System is a web application for client-server pathology management. It is the tried and tested best path lab software. This can make your lab report generation and account management much easier and faster. It is suitable for any path lab or diagnostic centre. It is designed to automate the entire operation of a pathology laboratory or diagnostic centres such as billing, daily monitoring of sample collection, pathology tests performed, test report generation, patient information management and diagnostic report entry, fee collection, and commission calculation (if any). commission payment management, bill printing, report printing, report delivery, user access monitoring, total earnings report, cash withdrawal report and many more MIS reports. It has a robust database system to handle large amounts of data with a high level of data security.

Our pathology management system is a product that coordinates and integrates all activities related to the management and operation of a pathology centre.

pathology reporting system
path lab software
Patient record
  • Entering patient master data
  • Sample confirmation of patient tests
  • Manage the delivery of patient messages
  • Patient history
  • Managing patient bill payments
pathology management system
Committee management
  • Main agent account manager
  • Commission/discount/discounted rate for agent per test
  • Test receipt management with a sample
  • Test report release / Delivery management
  • Manage invoice payments
pathology reporting system
Test email reportING SYSTEM
  • Test reports for the patient
  • Test reports for client
  • Agent/collection centre
  • Test reports for doctors
  • Hospital/Department Test Reports
path lab software
SMS test reportING SYSTEM
  • SMS reservation
  • Report ready
  • Test reports for the patient
  • Client agent/ collection centre
  • Doctor's record
  • Hospital/Department Report
pathology management system
  • Sampling report
  • Daily/weekly/monthly collection
  • Overview (cash/credit)
  • Payment maturity reports
  • Agent Wise Collection News
  • Agent Wise is to report
  • Commission report
  • Commission payment report
  • Pending committee report
  • Excellent Bill Report.
pathology reporting system
  • Managing Test
  • Managing Test & Price list
  • Doctors Management
  • Patient Management
  • Generating Patient receipt
  • Patient Test report
  • Monitoring Online user
  • Multi-Branch Laboratory
  • Multi-users roles
  • Support Multi-Language
path lab software
Patient Panel
  • Patient Profile Management
  • Test Reports
  • Test Records
  • Managing Branches
  • Home visit record
  • Patient code
  • Patient Record
  • Patient emails/ SMS
  • Support RTL
  • Notification
path lab software
Registration management
  • Hospital Configuration
  • Doctors profile
  • Patient Profile
  • Patient Query 
  • Drug List
  • User Log
  • User Permission
  • Billing
  • Deposit

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