Hexicalhospital Hospital Management ERP System

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Hexicalhospital, Hospital Management ERP system software must be fully integrated to provide a single information source, capable of easily managing data related to the clinic, finance department, laboratory, nursing, pharmacy, radiology and pathology department, etc. with integrated surgical workflow monitoring.

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Information management with ERP for hospitals

Hexicalhospital Hospital ERP software provides hospital owners with instant access to relevant information on various operational and administrative activities. With more detailed information about patients and administrative activities, hospital authorities can make better decisions and ensure increased return on investment and quality of service. A cloud-based ERP system for healthcare organizations to optimize human resources and provide better patient care.

How is ERP used in Healthcare?
The system can be easily configured according to the specific requirements of each hospital using integrated modules that perform specific tasks. Hospital ERP software should be able to meet the scale and scope of all your needs.

  • Main benefits of HexicalHospital healthcare ERP software
  • Fully integrated hospital management modules
  • Process maturity and workflow to streamline operations
  • Improved patient experience, safety and satisfaction
  • Paperless Hospital Adoption Made Easy
  • Managing a hospital with existing resources
  • Simplified insurance processes
  • NABH Accreditation and CGHS Software Features
  • Supporting the growth of the hospital
  • Measurable Operating Cost Savings (ROI)
  • Improved information integrity
  • Reduced transcription errors
  • Eliminates duplicate entries
  • Faster message processing time
  • Ensures timely closing of insurance claims in the hospital
  • Expense control and cash collection
  • Equipment audit and management control
  • It increases the productivity of hospital staff

Why do hospitals use ERP?
Hexicalhospital Hospital ERP software is one of the best-selling intelligent hospital management systems available today for mission, family and medical hospitals, nursing homes and chain clinics in the African region serving hospitals in Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. & Botswana to drive growth, reduce costs, optimize processes, improve patient satisfaction and manage legal compliance as Read about our improving the patient experience. A cloud-based hospital ERP system helps improve business processes specific to healthcare and patient care, including aspects of financial accounting.
Reduction of administrative complexity thanks to ERP software for healthcare
The system helps bring discipline to the administrative aspects by implementing smartly designed hospital management best practices. A flawless record with on-time delivery is supported by a 60-day hospital ERP software implementation methodology. We provide superior help desk response, technical support and a unique service quality assurance policy for hospital software as well.
Contact us to find out how Hexicalhospital Hospital management ERP system software in India can help you effectively manage your eye / general hospital or hospital chain for process improvement and guaranteed cost savings!

Hexicalhospital, Best ERP software for Hospitals – The healthcare industry is a very critical sector that requires immense attention to ensure that all activities are carried out in an efficient and effective manner. Thousands of patients enter healthcare facilities every day, so it is a challenge for hospital management to manage everything smoothly. Employees are required to process vast amounts of data about clinical, financial and operational activities and efficiently integrate it for easy access. Manual organization of such a massive volume of data often proved to be very time consuming and inefficient without healthcare ERP systems.

This is why most hospitals and clinic chains are now using HexicalHospital Hospital ERP software to manage all medical and administrative information for increased efficiency and cost savings. Healthcare ERP software (ERP for hospitals in India) is a software solution that can help hospitals and clinic chains streamline and manage clinical, financial and administrative data, enabling healthcare providers to offer better services and a better patient experience.

  • Appointment
  • Rescheduling
  • Attended patient
  • Commission
  • Leave dates
  • Change the content
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Doctors Availability
  • Patient's records
  • Staff records
Staff panel
  • Personal Details
  • Attendance
  • Health Records
  • Incentives
  • Shifts records
  • Expenses
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Used Stock
  • Requirement Stock
  • Doctors appointment
  • Room Availability
  • Equipment availability
  • Surgeon Availability
  • Health Record
  • Appointments
  • Prescriptions
  • Doctors Availability
  • Rooms Availability
  • Past Patient Records
  • Discharge Patient Records
  • Accidental Records
  • Gender Records
  • Born child Record
  • Blood Group Availability
  • Requirement of Blood
  • Blood Disposable
  • Usage Record
  • Delivery Time
  • Health record
  • Regular Check-up
  • Room Availability
  • Doctor's Availability
  • Appointment Schedule
  • Reschedule
  • Doctors Availability
  • Operation room availability
  • Surgeon availability
  • Availability of Equipment
  • Purchase Records
  • Sales Records
  • Equipment records
  • Account dashboards
  • Profits
  • Income
  • Expense

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