Library Management System

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A library management Software is a system that is designed to manage all library functions. It helps the librarian to maintain a database of new books and books borrowed by members along with their due dates. This system completely automates all the activities of your library. The best way to systematically maintain, organize and handle countless books is to implement library management system software.

 An online library management system is used to maintain library records. It keeps track of the number of books in the library, how many books have been issued or how many books have been returned or renewed or fines for late fees etc. You can find books instantly, issue/reissue books quickly and manage all data efficiently and orderly with this system. The purpose of an online library management system is to provide instant and accurate data regarding any type of book, thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

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 library management system

Library management software is based on various sections or classes involved in library operations. The functions and attributes of classes and the relationships between them are specified in the class diagram. This diagram forms a fundamental step in building management software.

Online Library Management System Class:

This class manages the entire library management software and is the central point around which the software is designed. The UserType and Username attribute with Register, Login and Logout functions are essential to any web-based library management system.

Librarian Class:

This class controls all Librarian operations. The name, ID and appropriate password for the librarian are verified. The search string they use to find books is saved for future reference.

User class:

User operations are managed by this class. The user name and ID are verified. Information about the books that each user has access to is recorded.

Book class:

All book operations are managed by this class. Books are classified by the attributes of title, author, subject, and publication date.

Accounting class:

This class deals with accounting functions. This class records borrowed books, reserved books, returned books, lost or missing books, and outstanding fines.

Library Database Class:

The library database is managed by this class. The book list is classified and managed for easy searching using this feature. Books can be added, deleted, updated and displayed in the library management system software.

Student class:

Student traffic is managed by this class. Books related to the age and class of students are classified and frequently used books are saved for later use.

Staff Class:

Personnel traffic is monitored by this class. The functions of the department are detailed and regular reviews are carried out.

The Hexicaltech Cloud-based Library Management System is a highly integrated, user-friendly and compliant library automation system for complete automation of all internal operations of any size or type of library. Library management software is intuitive, efficient and compatible. Our software is equipped with multilingual fonts, barcode and QR code fonts. Integrated library software developed in consultation with professional library experts is currently used by up to 500 libraries.

 The client-server version of the software comes with free Devanagari fonts. It supports all the latest technologies including cloud hosting, mobile apps, tablets, SMS, email, UHF RFID, secure payment gateway, etc. It has optional UHF RFID integration for absolute library automation. It also supports smartphone or mobile book search applications - MOPAC.

online library management
online library management system

  •        Simple and easy to use

           Online and offline data storage

          Automatically updates and backs up data.

           Flexible and can be fully configurable

library management system

Increased member engagement

  •        Easily accessible from anywhere, anytime.

           Easy access from smartphones and tablets

           Reliable and safe operation

           Review and monitor library functions

online library management


  •        Eliminate the need for extensive paperwork

           Maintenance overhead and operating costs are reduced

           Eliminates the need for manual entry

           This makes the database error-free and accurate

online library management system

Simple & Easy

  •        Easy to use


           Easy to integrate 

library management system

Increased Library Engagement

  •        24x7 access

           Available anywhere, anytime

           Increase your online library engagement.

online library management

Highly Secure and Reliable

  •        Secure and reliable

           Seamless access to the library database

online library management system

Mobile Access

  •        Mobile access

           Search catalogs, books and schedules,


library management system

Dynamic Reports

  •        Dynamic reports, graphs, and charts

           Review and track the progress

           Drop Suggestion

           Get suggestion

online library management system


  •        Automated online library management 

           Robust, and developed for easy entry

           Error-free operation

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