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What is Hexical College Management System & its benefits?

Mar 03 2023
Are you looking for a Hexical College management system project? We are here to help. You can contact us. This Hexical college management system is an intranet-based application aimed at managing all levels of information delivery in an organization. This system can be used as a university information management system.

All universities are now following the trend of digital transformation that has helped other industries such as banking, manufacturing, commerce and corporate organizations to streamline and improve operational efficiency. Digital transformation benefits universities in many ways, including saving faculty time, storing and analyzing academic and administrative data, engaging students by encouraging a digital culture, and improving communication. Digital transformation in universities is achieved by implementing university management systems.

For Specific Students/Staff

(Technical/Non-Technical), the admin creates login IDs and passwords, and uses these students/staff (Technical/Non-Technical) to access the system, you can upload information from a database or download it. This additional user can also be informed about the events and extracurricular activities that are going on on the college campus.

Key Advantages of Hexical College Management System Software:

1. Save Precious Time

The main advantage of university management software is time. Professors and other faculty can save time by successfully implementing the software on campus. Various modules for daily use, such as attendance management, expense management, and automatic notifications to parents and students, save teachers valuable time and allow them to focus on providing quality education to their students.

2. Customizable and Affordable

We offer customized solutions because the features and functions of our different campuses are different from each other. We offer customization according to the needs of laboratories. So Hexical college management software is an affordable solution with unlimited login for students, teachers and parents.

3. Comprehensive Training and Support

We provide full training and post-implementation support for users. On our support page, users can explore feature-based tutorial videos to help users learn the features of this system at their own time and pace.

4. Data Security

In Hexical College Management System, Data security is one of the critical benefits of college management software. Because it ensures that the personal data of students and staff remains protected from unauthorized or malicious access. We also offer data backup.

5. Multi-Campus Management

There are various institutions that include multiple branches under each other. We offer multi-institution ERP software to manage a group of institutions from a single platform. With this app, the administrator gets a bird's-eye view of all branch operations from a single dashboard. To learn more about this, visit our Multi-School Management System.

6. Hexical Mobile App

Hexical college management System Mobile App for Android and iOS users is the perfect app to manage the day-to-day operations of the institute right from your mobile device. With the school management app, all the main features of Hexical College are accessible on the go, such as fee payment, attendance marking, real-time communication, assignment submission, schedule tracking, upcoming courses and more.

What are the advantages of configuring an online Hexical college management system over offline?

College management software can be configured online or on-premises (offline). Setting up and configuring the software offline is a more traditional approach. With fast and stable internet everywhere, more and more universities are choosing online software. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

The traditional approach of configuring software on-premises gives universities more control and is arguably more secure, but it is very expensive to set up and manage. This is due to the initial investment required to purchase hardware and maintenance costs. Hire a full-time server management specialist.

However, online software configuration costs less and offers many other benefits, such as enhanced collaboration, improved security, and automatic software updates.


On the Internet, you can find various ERP software systems for the administration of universities. While some may include everything from a student enrollment system to a student record system and student profile management, others may have certain limitations. The goal is to select one that supports the maximum number of unique requirements of any given college. The student record system should be equipped with all the necessary data, which the school and parents can access without the risk of data security.

The key role of this system is to reduce unnecessary and repetitive tasks and manage more documentation and paper load. It also allows colleges to do their administrative work without spending too much time on it.

In the coming times, more and more colleges, universities, and educational institutions will use college management software because of its security, high-quality performance, and versatility at every level. Get the most out of this innovative and highly advanced software that promises to make college and institution management easier for years to come. Of course, administrations must be fully prepared and educated to understand this new technology, which brings several key benefits.


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