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What is a Hospital Management System (HMS)

Feb 15 2023

Hexicalhospital, Hospital Management System is a system that enables hospitals to manage information and data related to all aspects of healthcare – processes, providers, patients and more, which in turn ensures that processes are completed quickly and efficiently. When you think about the different aspects and departments of the hospital, it is clear that HMS is critical. A hospital database system was introduced in 1960 and has evolved considerably since then – with the ability to integrate with existing hospital equipment, technology, software and systems. Today, patients can start the healthcare process in the palm of their hand – mobile devices and apps make it possible. This process then moves to healthcare providers and hospitals.

How does Hexicalhospital Hospital Management Software work?

Hexicalhospital is a hospital management system that organizes the stable functioning of daily tasks and interactions. It is a special tool to support the smooth operation of software components that are vital to clinic management. Hospital records management software tracks all operations, stores user data, analyzes it and generates reports. A healthcare facility has the ability to collect its information in one place. It includes patient and doctor records as well as data related to financial matters, supply management, etc. It is further processed, classified and accessible only to authorized users. The hospital database system provides users with data security thanks to all regulations. The implementation of various functions allows for smooth and clear functionality.

Hospital records management software keeps track of the number of doctors available and their working hours. This allows you to have an accurate schedule for each employee, and manage your facility's capabilities and supply chain to meet all patient needs. Helps arrange appointments for the convenience of staff and patients.

Every clinic should store medical history, test results, prescribed treatments, etc. A good hospital database system will do this for you. All data is securely stored for physician access and can be provided to patients based on their requests. They can receive test results or medical reports by email or to a user account. When a written form is required, printing takes only a few minutes for the clinic staff.

Another function is related to financial management. Hospital accounting software estimates patient payments. It can resemble a bank account, where you can check the operations performed and the billing status of each customer.

In addition, the hospital records management system is able to generate regular reports on the monitored data including health care, staff efficiency, finances, inventory and equipment utilization, etc. This greatly helps the clinic authorities in making sound policy decisions. Each of these features is therefore designed to make the clinic management system easy to use, comprehensive, powerful and reliable.

Key features of a Hospital Management System

Operating Theatre Management

Surgeries are lengthy and tiring, and hospitals need to know the schedule of operations to avoid congestion and ensure the availability of required surgeons, other doctors and operating theatre staff. The hospital could send operation plans, test results and other details to patients/relatives, as well as send reminders to the lead surgeon and other staff needed for the procedure.

Laboratory Management

Maintain accurate records of tests, payments received, report generation data, patient information, customized reports, timely alerts to patients and lab staff, and detailed MIS reports—all through one hospital management system.

Patient Management

With faster, safer and easier data acquisition, the hospital/medical facility would be able to provide better and more efficient care to patients. With each department connected and integrated into HMS, the quality of patient care can be enhanced, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and lower turnover. Even in the field of healthcare today, competition is fierce, and patients and their relatives prefer to visit a facility that is efficient, cost-effective and safe.

Delivery Management

With efficient hospital management systems (HMS), hospital management can track and manage inventory more effectively and set up better purchasing contracts with suppliers. The system gives you full transparency of your inventory from the moment it is ordered to when it is delivered to when it is used on patients. This allows you to better capture demand, purchase and consumption activity, allowing you to continuously improve your healthcare supply chain.

Billing Management

Given the large numbers (in all respects) that any hospital needs to manage, a great feature of a Hospital Management System is to help keep track of billing in line with treatments, tests, and physician fees. The system is able to send invoice payment messages, display discounts, automatically record patient data, provide patients/relatives with multiple payment options, and track patient visits and payments.

Facility Management

A comprehensive hospital management system will allow the addition of multiple branches across hospital locations. This ensures that patients can visit any branch for treatment and doctors can access their records from anywhere.

Meeting Management

Scheduling appointments is one of the most tedious processes in a hospital. Using a hospital management system, an appointment widget can easily be added to a hospital website. Patients can easily log into the website, book an appointment with a doctor of their choice at a time that suits them, receive reminders from the hospital and also receive updates in case of any changes.

Staff Management

HMS helps in managing employees at different locations of a particular hospital/healthcare facility. Every aspect related to the employee is captured here - date of joining, appointment and department, insurance details, leave and absence status, salary and benefits details, authorization level and other information. An administrator with access can view and edit employee data, delete inactive/ex-employee data, make any employment-related changes, and more.

Manage Reports

A well-designed Hexicalhospital, hospital management system allows authorized personnel to access MIS data as and when needed.


Hexicalhospital, Hospital Management System has become an indispensable part of every hospital/clinic/medical facility today. In order to create a differentiated, efficient, fast and thoughtful healthcare model, it would make sense to invest in a comprehensive HMS. To learn more about this and other factors that will allow your device to become a pioneer, contact us and our experts will be happy to help you.


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