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School Management System Software Guide

Dec 17 2022

School Management Systems are tools designed to assist institutions offering K12 education. You can use school management software to seamlessly manage the day-to-day administrative and academic operations of your school from a remote location. The software will enable paperless and significantly smoother management of processes such as admission, online fee submission, attendance, online class, online exam, etc.

The section below presents a comprehensive guide to help you understand the workflow and benefits of an effective school management system. Reading the step-by-step guide will help you choose the best school management system.

What is a school management system?

A school management system can be defined as a platform designed to enable the efficient running of your institution through digitization and automation of various academic and administrative operations. The software will play the role of the school's data management system and enable you to complete bulk data management tasks flawlessly and quickly.

What types of institutions can use the system?

Hexicaltech, one of the most trusted monitoring and control systems of today, was created with all the needs of educational institutions in mind. So, it can be effectively used by all kinds of educational institutions such as universities, colleges, schools, professional institutions, educational institutions and others.

The school management solutions offered by hexicaltech can be tailored to the specific requirements of your institution. You can integrate it with various other platforms to simplify, streamline and automate the multi-process actions taking place in the institution. your school In addition, the system will make all important data of your institution visible and you will have easy access to all information. School administration will no longer be a tedious job.

Software modules for school management

Hexicaltech school management software has a number of modules. Each solves a different purpose. The section below discusses some of the most significant of these.

  • Online Registration Management
  • Attendance management
  • Student Information System
  • Tuition management
  • Exam and Results Management
  • Library Management
  • Employee Information and Payroll Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Transport Management

Benefits of school management software

In recent years, we have witnessed the introduction of various technologies into the education sector. Even more inspiring, the technology used for education evolves with changing needs.

School management systems allow students to attend classes virtually and access classroom notes. Thanks to these systems, the pandemic has not been able to stop students from continuing their studies. They communicate with teachers as easily as they did in their offline classrooms.

Benefits of hexicaltech's cloud-based school management software

Easy interface

The main reason behind the growing popularity of Hexicalschool, a school management system is its user-friendly interface. The interface is simple and therefore can be easily used by students of all age groups, teachers and parents. You don't need to be tech-savvy to use the software seamlessly. A few days of use will make you comfortable with it.

Personalized access

Both the school and students (and their parents) will have personalized access to the platform. The administrator of an educational institution can use the school database management system to manage students, exams, fee collection, HR and more. Teachers will be able to use the software to conduct online courses, interact with students, evaluate their performance, etc. Students can use it to attend classes, take class notes, interact with other students whenever they want, and more. What's more, they would also have access to the school's virtual library 24/7.

Easy to learn and use

You may be technologically challenged, but it will not be difficult for you to learn about the various features of the software and then use them effectively. This feature makes it the perfect addition to educational institutions of all levels, from junior high schools to universities.

Free Trial

Learning to use this cloud-based school management software is even easier with a free trial. Before placing an order, the demo will teach you the basics of the software. This means that you will only invest if you find the system useful. The free demo is detailed enough that you can start using the school management system immediately after gaining access to it.

Live support

If the free demo is not enough for you, contact the experts representing the company. Camu provides 24/7 live support to all its users. If you have any confusion about the product or face any problems while using it, feel free to join the live chat on their website. The experts who will chat with you will solve your problems quickly.

Multi-User Friendly

The software can be used by many users at the same time. So you won't have to worry about the number of students, teachers or administrators when you give them access to the platform.

Data Security

Being a school records management system, the software stores a lot of confidential information. These include important financial data and other sensitive staff and student information. The good news is that you don't have to worry about data security while sharing important details in the system. The software uses the most advanced security features to ensure that all your data remains properly protected and cannot be accessed by any third-party users.

Cost savings

A school management system will increase staff efficiency and allow teachers to focus solely on improving their teaching skills. It will take much less effort to run educational institutions flawlessly. Schools will need fewer staff than they did before the advent of management systems. Tasks will be completed faster. The costs of printing, energy, paper, etc. would be significantly reduced. So the authorities will see a significant decrease in their annual expenses.

SMS and Email Integration

The software facilitates communication by enabling email and SMS integration. Teachers, students and admin will be able to exchange emails and messages with each other without having to open any other application.

Cloud Facilitation

All of the above actions will take place online. This makes hexicalschool a cloud-based school management system.

Being a cloud platform, the system can be used from any location. Students and teachers can access the platform and all stored data from the comfort of their homes, allowing schools to run smoothly even in times of social distancing. Other significant benefits of cloud facilitation include data mobility, reliability and backup.


Maybe you're looking for an education or Hexicalschool School management system or to take care of your school's finances and human resources. Make sure the product you are buying has a good reputation among existing users.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What should be the criteria for choosing the best school ERP system?

There are many options available in the market. It is difficult to decide which ERP system is best for a school. Important factors to consider before taking this big step are whether the system has – data hosting, backup and restore, data security, technical support, easy user interface, payment terms, data confidentiality clause and SMS authorization before sending.

Q.2. What changes does school ERP bring?

School management software increases overall productivity and efficiency by keeping information about all staff and students in one place. It keeps the school more systematized and independent. All work is done online so there is no room for error and it saves cost, time and energy.

Q.3. Why should one choose Hexicalschool?

Hexicalschool school management software is a secure, simple and easily upgradeable software that keeps your institute on top with its numerous features for more than ten profiles as needed. The profile includes teachers, librarians, school management, students, parents, administrators, HODs, accountants, sports teachers, receptionists and drivers. In addition, Hexicalschool offers support to the client so that no questions are left unanswered.

Q.4. How does school ERP software manage employee payroll?

In ERP, the data of all teaching and non-teaching staff is uploaded to the software, which makes it very easy to generate payroll and receipts. All calculations are done online, reducing manual errors on the payroll. The school's ERP systems also secured the payroll process for employees, as keeping such sensitive information on paper could be risky.

Q.5. Does school management software run online courses?

Yes, online courses can be effortlessly run on the school's ERP system. The pandemic affected education and schooling in particular and subsequently transferred teaching to an online mode. It was difficult at first, but with the help of the best school ERP system, online courses have become easy and efficient for teachers and students.


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