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HEXICALTECH- College Management System and its benefits?

Feb 27 2023

Hexicalcollege College Management System is an online software designed to help colleges and higher education institutions effectively manage their day-to-day activities. An ideal college management system should enable institutes to manage all their activities – from admissions to certificates online without any hassle.

It is a cloud-based software that allows educators, students and parents to collaborate on a single platform and improve their efficiency and performance.

Why should you use a Hexical College Management System?

Hexicalcollege's college management system enables colleges and higher education institutions to manage their inquiries and applicants, conduct online admissions, teach virtually, sell courses, track student progress, take exams and quizzes, manage attendance, receive assignments online, manage learning materials, generate report cards, creating IDs and documents, sending notices and announcements, managing communications, managing timetables, managing online results.

It provides educators, students and parents with a platform such as a web application, Android application, and iOS application to carry out their daily activities, communicate and collaborate. Hexicalcollege ERP and LMS is a unique cloud-based system that teachers, students and parents can use to conduct all their academic activities online through a website or application.

Benefits of using the Hexicalcollege management system?

Using a hexicalcollege college management system provides numerous benefits to any educational institution such as improved efficiency, higher performance, better student performance, higher admissions, and transparent and solid communication.

1. Better and better acceptance rate

2. Better teacher performance

3. Drastic reduction of manual tasks

4. Elimination of paper tasks

5. Better management of fees

6. Makes the institute smart and future-ready.

7. Improved reputation of the institute

8. better use of resources

Features of Hexicalcollege's management system?

1. Smart timetables

Teachers can easily create schedules on the go using the website or app. Timetables are shared in real time with students and parents in their app. Automatic conflict detection, and infrastructure management.

2. Attendance

Professors/Teachers can take attendance from their smartphones on the go. At the click of a button, they get a detailed attendance analysis. Send attendance notifications, and parent alerts via automated emails and app notifications.

3. Tasks

Colleges and higher education institutions can assign assignments to students through Hexicalcollege, students can submit their images, videos, PDFs, documents, slides, etc. through Hexicalcollege web login. Teachers can review and rate submissions through Hexicalcollege.

4. Report card

Educators can create and manage student report cards, certificates, and ID cards using Hexicalcollege's extensive report card templates. Hexicalcollege comes with QR code authentication for card tamper proof and security.

5. Smart communication

Colleges and institutes can send notifications to students and parents through automated emails and app notifications. Create detailed events and groups with Hexicalcollege.

6. Management of Fees

Colleges can create fee structures, create fee records and collect fees online, and submit fee receipts with Hexicalcollege. Accept payments online with payment gateway integration. Get detailed fee overviews and analysis.

7. Demand management and acceptance

Take your inquiries and leads into Hexicalcollege CRM, and turn them into admissions with a completely online admissions system. Custom admission forms, inquiry forms, online interviews, and online fee payment.

8. Examinations and results

Teachers can create exams online; students can take exams from their app. Automated result calculation. Detailed analytics and email results to parents, in-app student performance analytics.

9. Academic planning

Colleges can plan their lesson plan in advance, improving tracking and curriculum coverage. Teachers can create detailed lesson plans that are shared with students in real-time.

10. Online teaching

Enable virtual learning with built-in Google meet and zoom integration. Allow students to join your class from their apps.

11. Management of learning materials

Add learning material in all formats. Share images, videos, private videos, web links, disk links, documents, etc., and keep your content secure with Hexicalcollege.

12. Use of Resources

Keep track of your resources with Hexicalcollege. Track how many hours a faculty is taking, how many curricula are pending, which faculty is overloaded, etc.

Why choose Hexicalcollege College Management System?

Hexicalcollege college's management system is one of the best institute management and learning management systems. It is easy to use, intuitive and reliable with full uptime. Hexicalcollege comes with an affordable price as well as a free plan. Hexicalcollege comes with the best onboarding and support to help you digitize your institute.

Hexicalcollege comes with best-in-class Android and iOS mobile apps for institute management/owners, teachers, students and parents. With the Hexicalcollege management system, you get a seamless experience on all your devices. Carry your college on your smartphones.

Carry out all your daily activities through the Hexicalcollege school management system application. Track attendance through the app, and share detailed attendance analytics with parents through the app. Take online exams through our app. Create schedules, and online lectures and let students connect through their app. Share learning content through our app. Submit assignments with attachments and let students upload their submitted work to our app. Easy way to connect with your students and parents with notifications.


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